Welcome to Cell Warz! You are about to enter a multi-player, interactively creative, yet competitively destructive world with nothing but your ninja avatar. But fear not, by weilding the powers of the cell blocks, you can achieve great things!

You can enter the world in one of two ways: either by re-attaching to an existing avatar or by entering one of the random rooms. Once in a room you can travel to other rooms by entering a doorway portal. Tell your buddies/enemies to enter the world while you play for a fully interactive online multi-player experience (whether you fight or befriend other players is up to you). Be careful because you can be killed in this world, in which case you will have to re-enter as before (but perhaps your cell blocks might not be safe unless you are there). You can chat with other players if you wish at any time in the cell room but please keep profanity to a minimum.

The cell blocks which you will encounter in this world can be activated when you are standing on them, in which case you will see "dashboard" icons appear in the top right corner. These will indicate which number keys you can press to use the cell block powers/weapons.

Up: jump
Left/Right: run
Down: activate/deactivate cell block
Spacebar: pick up or drop a cell block
Letters: you can prepare a chat message in the window
Enter: post the message in the current cell room